Grandson of great UK jazz drummer Kenny Hollick (Joe Loss,Vic Lewis), Alex naturally gravitated toward picking up the sticks. Getting his first kit at 14 but lacking direction, it wasn't until the ripe old age of 19 that Alex started taking drumming seriously.

Gaining experiance playing in a few local bands around the Somerset area, Alex decided to audition for Nottingham based band Martyr Defiled. He then toured and recorded with the group over 3 years, culminating with their debut album "Collusion" in 2010 which received critical acclaim.

Departing Martyr Defiled in early 2011 to persue his own path, his session career has started to blossom. Recording for many artists around the world including the UK, USA and UAE. He is regularly playing shows all around the globe and still teaches from his home studio.

Alex is currently playing with ;


Martyr Defiled - Collusion

"Don’t be put off by their hardcore looks, Martyr Defiled are metal, and are fantastically talented. Their drummer is one of the most impressive parts of and already impressive outfit"

"By and large, the drumming is the best part of this album"

Silent Empathy - A Broken Vision

"As a band Silent Empathy are a well-versed and technically viable group, the album being given a little edge by the sessions that former Martyr Defiled sticksman Alex Micklewright"

"Released July 2nd via Rising Records the album features the great drumming skills of Alex Micklewright (ex Martyr Defiled) and it has to be said is the drums throughout the whole release which are the one impressive constant on an variable album, powerful and unpredictable they leave one breathless."

"Production wise, the guitars at times do become convoluted behind the exquisite drums provided in session by Alex Micklewright (Ex-Martyr Defiled). Known for his ability to provide intense speeds and tight fills on the kit, his advanced abilities could lead listeners to wonder whether the bands official drummer could play to such standards consistently."